Change of Name

There are 4 simple steps that you need to follow if you want the name on your Reliance Energy bill changed.
Step 1
  i) Download Application Form 16.1 and fill information in block letters with black ink and sign across the
     photograph. Click here to download English / Marathi form

  ii) Please fill sections 1, 2.1 & 4 of Form 16.1

  iii) Attach the test report of Work completion of installation (Click here for a sample test report)
     certified by a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC). Click here to download the list of LECs.
  Note – Applicable only for customers with current load >20 KW"

  iv) Submit the updated load/contract demand as per the requirement.
  Note - Applicable only for Non-Residential customers
Step 2

i) Kindly attach the following:
  a) Undertaking form with required details and photographs affixed. Click here to down form in
      English / Marathi to download
  b) Copy of latest electricity bill (of the premises for which you are applying change of name), duly paid

Note: Scrutinized documents should be approved by front end officer with sign, stamp and date. No affidavit shall be accepted.

ii) Attach Required Documents giving Proof of Identity and Proof of Ownership or Occupancy of the premises of the Applicant based on your premise type. Click here

Step 3

Submit the form – The completed form and the documents have to be submitted at a divisional office.
Click here for a list of the divisional offices near you.

NOTE: Please make sure you retain the requisition number (A unique serial number according to the area under which your application is registered) given to you at the time of document submission. You can use this number to check the status of your application on the Reliance Energy website or via your respective divisional office.

Step 4

Pay applicable charges

i) Processing fee of Rs. 50/- for LT or Rs. 150 for HT

ii) Security Deposit (equivalent to one month’s electricity bill)

• Existing security deposit can be transferred to the new account if the customer can produce the original receipt
  or a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ from the registered customer.
• The applicant shall always submit the application in person. In case the applicant is unable to submit the
  application in person, he/she can submit the same through any person duly authorised by a letter of authority
  (in prescribed format) bearing a specimen signature of the representative.
• All NOCs are to be submitted as per the prescribed format along with the Photo ID of the signatory.

And you are done!