E Bill
Do your bit for the environment and go paperless. Receive your bill via email, directly in your inbox and pay your bill online.
Go Paperless
This is the conventional method where a hard copy of your electricity bill is delivered every month to your doorstep. In addition to displaying your billing amount and due date, the bill also features useful information like details of your previous bills, your electricity consumption patterns and energy saving tips.
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Bill over SMS
On the go. Well no matter where you are, your bill will come to you.
You can register for the service by logging on to your personalised “My Account” or calling our toll-free no. 1800 200 3030 and receive alerts every month via SMS.
Duplicate Bill
Lost your bill? Or misplaced it? Request a duplicate bill without a hitch.
Choose any of the following options to receive a duplicate copy of your electricity bill:
  • Call us anytime on our toll free number 1800 200 3030 OR 19122
  • Write an email to energy.helpdesk@relianceada.com
  • Just walk into your nearest customer care centre
  • SMS us DB <your 9 digit account no> and send to 5616191

Save/Download Bill
Enjoy the convenience of downloading a copy of energy bill from your personalised "My Account" along with a host of other special services. Also, you can download a copy of your past 6 months energy bills.
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