All About Energy - Energy Conversation

Why and How

The environment is in a state of depletion. Resources are running out and global warming is fast becoming a problem we cannot afford to ignore. Here’s why:

  • India’s fossil fuel reserves are limited and its economy is highly sensitive to the oil price variations in International market.
  • If the current rate of consumption continues, the known reserves of oil, natural gas and coal may last only for a few more years.
  • The shortage of power is acute in India. Today, the gap between demand and supply is more than 13%.
  • Exploration of new fossil reserves and setting up new power plants attract huge capital investments.
  • The environment suffers with more greenhouse gases being emitted during power generation process.
  • Saving energy will usher in two huge benefits for you:
    • You will save money.
    • You will leave a positive impact on the environment.

The responsibility to prevent the problem from snowballing rests upon all of us.

Request an energy audit

Tired of increasing electricity bills for your commercial or industrial establishment?

Schedule an Energy Audit for personalised solutions. It is a process of investigating the current electrical consumption patterns of enterprises, identifying the areas where electricity is being wasted and offering effective suggestions to reduce wastage of electricity.

What We Do

As a part of Reliance Energy’s ongoing customer awareness initiatives, we have been organising workshops on Energy on various aspects of energy conservation, such as:

  • Energy efficiency in new construction projects
  • Reactive power compensation and power factor improvement
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Energy conservation in air compression and refrigeration process
  • Energy efficient compound lighting

Reliance Energy takes the initiative a step further by spreading this awareness in schools, colleges and residential complexes.

Urja Samvardhan Upakram

Urja Samvardhan Upakram is an initiative of Reliance Energy aimed at promoting public understanding and awareness about different kinds of energy generation, dissemination and consumption amongst the people in Mumbai.

As part of the awareness program Reliance Energy regularly conducts awareness workshops at academic institutions, commercial premises and housing societies in order to educate consumers about energy and its rightful usage, and the necessary steps that they should take to reduce their demand for electricity and reduce their energy bills.

If you want to schedule a Urja Samvardhan Upakram workshop in your society or institution,contact us.